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Group 1000000631
Group 1000000631


UpFlux Leader in Process Mining in Latin America

We develop Process Mining solutions to help our clients achieve operational excellence.

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Our Mission

To differentiate our clients’ operations by promoting and perpetuating operational efficiency, making them more competitive


Our Values

Clients are our partners and allies

We are passionate about our clients because they contribute to the growth of our company. We seek to understand their pains and propose solutions that bring real value to them. Effective and fluid communication is an important pillar for building this partnership.

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We are more like a team

We believe this because a team in sync generates much more results than isolated stars. Therefore, we value a harmonious coexistence, with constructive feedback, always seeking the collaboration of the team in problem-solving. Being together means collaborating in everyone's evolution, as helping to light someone else's candle does not extinguish yours!

1% better every day

We believe in evolution and strive to be better every day as people and as a company. As a company, we seek to improve our way of doing things week by week, month by month, and so on. As individuals, we seek to self-develop in our technical, behavioral, and social skills both individually and collaboratively. Continuous improvement is in our DNA!

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Extraordinary team

We are made up of people with a lot of drive. We are objective in solving problems and have a sense of urgency. We provide constructive feedback to our peers, leaders, and subordinates, and most importantly: we are assertive because when we have a problem, we talk to those who can help solve it, and more than that, we participate in solving the problem. The opposite of being assertive is being critical without contributing to the construction of a better company.

Group 1000000631
Group 1000000631

Our History

Founders Alex Meincheim and Cleiton Garcia began their master's and doctoral studies, where they became familiar with process mining technology, which was still very recent and only applied in the European market.


UpFlux was founded in September, and the first contract with a paying client was signed in December, with a medical accounts operator.


UpFlux received the Sinapse da Inovação Award, an innovative entrepreneurship incentive program from Santa Catarina.


UpFlux expanded its operations to high complexity environments throughout Brazil, for hospitals, industries, and credit cooperatives.


UpFlux was selected to join the innovation ecosystem of Cubo Itaú and, and was one of the 14 startups selected for the Scale-Up Endeavor B2B Enterprise Program. Its technology was also highly evaluated internationally, by Nelsonhall and Everest Group.


UpFlux was recognized as one of the TOP 100 Open Startups, being one of the 10 most innovative Healthtechs. It was also recognized and listed as a process mining vendor by Gartner Peer Insights. In addition, it held the first edition of the Process Mining Day, the first event focused on the technology in Brazil.


UpFlux continues to be recognized nationally and internationally, becoming one of the 100 Startups To Watch 2022. It held two more editions of the Process Mining Day, focused on Health and Hyperautomation.

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