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Group 1000000631
Group 1000000631


Solution to automate medical billing audits

UpFlux helps increase the volume of audited medical bills while reducing improper payments.

UpFlux will help increase the productivity of the auditing team andeliminate waste

The UpFlux platform automatically analyzes medical bills and signals whether or not they comply with the negotiated terms with the provider.


Use automated and standardized processes by the auditor to avoid inconsistent interpretation of rules.

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Delayed Payments

Ensure timely payments to providers by accelerating the audit process with efficient technologies.

Lack of Follow-up

Monitor through interactive dashboards and have historical and real-time insight into activities performed, as well as the biggest offenders of losses and waste.

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Vulnerability to Fraud

Minimize vulnerability to fraud and human errors by using automated and accurate auditing processes.

Group 1000000631
Group 1000000631

With UpFlux you can

Increase the volume of audited bills without increasing staff


Reduce improper payments and waste


Reduce rework with auditing standardization


Ensure transparency and compare auditor performance


Empower and value auditor competencies

Results you can achieve

UpFlux helps discover, monitor, and improve health processes to reduce waste and deliver better value to beneficiaries.


increase in the volume of audited medical bills

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increase in avoided cost by the team

What our clients say

UpFlux serves large hospitals, health operators, oncology centers, laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies.

“After the system implementation, all rules became automated, [...] reducing the number of mistakes. The volume of audited bills increased and the quality of the analysis by the doctor and nurse also improved. ”
Franciel Iechecen
Technology Evaluation
Unimed Paraná
“Without a doubt, the tool has been very important for decision making, and we have already seen reductions in waste/costs from improvements implemented in processes.”
Diane Furtado Santa Isabel
Quality Coordinator
Hospital Santa Isabel
“The tool shows that we can reduce hospitalization time with some behaviors, in an automated and more agile way.”
Alisson Valerio 1
Innovation Director
Unimed do Brasil
unimed 1 1
Santa Isabel
AC Camargo
Hospital Mãe de Deus


Discover the results of Unimed Paraná with the use of UpFlux Process Mining

Franciele Iachecen, who tells how it was possible to increase the volume of audited bills without increasing the team, in addition to reducing costs with improper payments.

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