We help health insurance and hospitals to improve patient care with greater safety, quality and sustainability

UpFlux applies Artificial Intelligence for supporting healthcare processes

Discovers automatically Patients' Journey and evaluate the quality of care services

Answer the main questions regarding patient care:

  • Are the procedures performed according to protocols and guidelines?
  • Does patient follows the most appropriate care pathway?
  • Health technology has a good cost-effectiveness?
  • Are there nonconformities in the care process or opportunities to improve the quality and safety of patient care?

Expand coverage and agility of prospective and retrospective audits </ b>

Get an overview of your audit process, and:
  • Verify that protocols and medical guidelines were followed at the time of service release
  • Automate the audit process of medical bills by promoting nobler activities to auditors
  • Identify major disagreements in medical bills
  • Simplify your decision with comparative analysis between providers, services and more

Benefits that Help Hospitals and Healthcare Insurance

Promotion and standardization of best practices in patient care
Reduction of repetitive and manual audit
Support in the monitoring routines of patients with chronic diseases
Increased security and reduced judicialization
Comparison of health care flows between providers and specialists
Continuous improvement of patient care in the hospital environment

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