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Group 1000000631
Group 1000000631


Solution to reduce patient length of stay

Receive alerts and tips for early discharge and optimize bed turnover.

UpFlux will help you discharge patients efficiently and safely

The UpFlux platform will flag cases of patients who are about to exceed their daily limit and reduce the average length of stay.

Excessive daily limit

Reduce hospital length of stay by identifying which patients can be discharged.

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Unstructured surgical flows

Avoid delays, unnecessary preoperative hospitalization, and surgery cancellations.

Inadequate resource consumption

Stop wasting money on unmanaged materials and medications.

Group 1000000659

Low financial return

Optimize the use of the surgical center and bed turnover.

Group 1000000631
Group 1000000631

With UpFlux you can

Reduce hospital length of stay


Avoid surgery delays and cancellations


Reduce unnecessary costs with inadequate consumption


Optimize the use of available beds


Reduce waste in exams, materials, and medications


Increase surgical center revenue

Understand how this happens:

With the UpFlux platform, you will have 100% transparency to understand what impacts the performance of your operation.

Dehospitalization process

Results you can achieve

UpFlux helps discover, monitor, and improve healthcare processes to reduce waste and deliver better value to patients.

R$ 1.7 Million


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saved daily limits/year


reduction in length of stay

Frame 1000000620


reduction in time between medical discharge and hospital discharge

Wha our clients say

UpFlux serves large hospitals, healthcare providers, cancer centers, laboratories, and pharmaceuticals.

“Through Process Mining, we were able to establish reference models and evaluate the degree of conformity in 100% of the care.”
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Vital Gestão
“Without a doubt, the tool has been very important for decision making, and we have already seen reductions in waste/costs from improvements implemented in processes.”
Diane Furtado Santa Isabel
Quality Coordinator
Hospital Santa Isabel
“The tool shows that we can reduce hospitalization time with some conduct, in an automated and more agile way.”
Alisson Valerio 1
Innovation Director
Unimed do Brasil
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Santa Isabel
AC Camargo
Hospital Mãe de Deus


Discover the results of Hospital Santa Isabel with the use of the UpFlux Process Mining

Diane Furtado, explains how they were able to save daily limits, reduce costs, and create a gamification system with the technology.

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