Oncology Centers

Cancer is among the main concerns in the health area. For this reason, the journey of the cancer patient is extremely complex. Involvement of several professionals, high cost treatments and results that do not meet the patient’s expectations, a multidisciplinary team and paying sources.

Meet the Platform

UpFlux acts on the patient’s flow

The patient flow, even if thought by the entire multidisciplinary team, can undergo changes that directly impact patient safety, costs and experience.

Monitoring cycles, toxicity conditions and treatment efficiency should be monitored throughout the treatment journey. UpFlux is a Process Mining platform that identifies variability and eliminates waste, guided by Lean Six Sigma principles and based on artificial intelligence.


Evaluation of support processes 

Map and monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of support services. 

Transparency and agility

To map the hundreds of lines and care based on evidence in your electronic medical record data.


More efficient care lines

With the optimization of the consumption of medicine references, materials, exams and procedures, reducing costs and quantities.



Cost reduction and increased effectiveness

Enabling the study of the relationship between cost and effectiveness of lines, combining outcome information, simplifying data exploration with zoom features, filters of interest and comparisons.


Better patient experience

Reduce waiting time by locating the causes of problems, bottlenecks and deviations in care processes.


Systematization of quality control

Through indicators of adherence to protocols and lines of care – fundamental work for accreditation.